Dear Sisters!!!! Do you know that:



There is a whole Surah in Qur’an with your name (Suratul Nisaa (women))

The first martyr in Islam was a woman (Sumaya (RA))

The first person who believed in the prophecies of Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a woman (Khadeejah (RA))

The last recommendation prophet Muhammad gave to his nation before he died was to treat you well (“Prayer, prayer, and what your right hand possesses.)

You are the half of the society, and you raise the other half, how high your status is!

To all men : Marrying a Woman completes half your faith

Jannah (heaven) lies under the feet of your mother ( a woman)

And because you are so precious, Islam honored you with Hijab for preserving your chastity and purity. You are not just a woman you are very special you are a gem, you are a Muslimah!

So be proud Muslimah

Source: Holy Quran, A Complete code of Life